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Diciadain, 01/Oct/2014

Islay Sessions 2014 and Walk Islay 2015 News

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Thought I'll start October with some first news (or possibly heads ups) for two of my favourite Islay events. The first one are the Islay Sessions in just over six weeks, the second is the WalkIslay Islay walking week in April next year:

Let me start with the Islay Sessions which this year will take place Friday 14th to Monday 17th of November. I was lucky enough to attend them in 2012 (see Back From The Islay Sessions (And More) and Video of the Islay Sessions 2012 Grand Concert for report and videos) and if all goes to plan I'll be back this year for the Grand Concert on the 15th.

The Islay Sessions organisers have been a bit coy about this year's programme so far, but they've dropped a few hints already on the Islay Sessions Facebook page: To my great joy two artists I've previously blogged about it. The first are Gráinne & Tina (G & T), which I mentioned in Beautiful music: Winter Sun | Off to Islay. The second is Islay born Rebecca Brown, which I mentioned in Eva's and Kirsten's Set by the Flockhart Duo.

That sounds like a very good start to me already and I'm very much looking forward to it. More to come over the next few days and weeks I should think, I'm sure there will be more fantastic artists.

Now the Islay walking week 2015. Of course that's still quite a bit away, but we do have a date already: Sunday 12th to Friday 17th of April 2015.

The walks are being planned now, I'm sure there will be many great ones again. Recently a Walk Islay Facebook page was set up, if you have a Facebook account you can like the page and leave your comments about your favourite walks (I already have).

Having been on all the previous walking weeks I hope to be there next year as well. May be see you there?

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