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Islay Ales: Worts n' Ale!

Picture of a bottle of Worts n' Ale and a partly filled half pint glass

It's been quite a while since my last Islay beer tasting, I think the last one was the Angus Og Ale back in October 2006. This time I have something really special though, a collaboration between Bruichladdich distillery and Islay Ales brewery: Worts n' Ale. Here's their own description as written on the bottle:

Worts n' Ale! is a beer brewed from Bruichladdich wort made from Optic malt. Islay Ales has added Challenger and Bramling Cross hops to produce a beer that has all the character of the Whisky Malt and the best traditions of British Ale all in one bottle.

And what a beer this is! First of all it's strong: 9.0% ABV. It's slightly dangerous, as at least to me it didn't taste that strong, yet I could certainly feel it. But then it comes in a smaller bottle, 330ml compared to the usual 500ml (also the reason why I used a half pint glass instead of the ‘official’ Islay Ales pint glass). The taste? As written before, I'm quite bad in describing tastes. I'd say it's fairly sweet, but in a nice way. At the same time there is a peaty and smoky taste reminding me of the Bruichladdich single malt. I'd also describe it as a ‘warm‘ taste, warming you up after coming back from a winter walk.

I'm not entirely sure if this was a one off or if they plan to repeat it. I hope they will, as I'd like to get some more. I still have two bottles left, but they will be gone soon...

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There's more to come...



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