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A Taste And Reek Of Islay

Picture of shortbread, Islay loaf, tea, Islay Single Malt, a cup of tea and smouldering peat cones

Occasionally I need a little break from Islay blogging and writing Islay travelogues. What's better than doing this with a little Islay taste and reek break?

Yesterday afternoon I sat down for a little Islay tea. Actually, the tea was the only thing that wasn't from Islay, although it was drunk from a WalkIslay mug. But everything else was in some way: I still had some Islay Loaf, which while baked in Swindon is an Islay recipe. The shortbread was all I had left of a big box I was given as a birthday present, baked by Margaret of Kilchoman House Cottages on Islay. Some of the best shortbread I've ever had!

Then the obligatory Islay Single Malt whisky. And finally another birthday present, one that had me slightly worried when I tried it. I was concerned that it might set off my smoke detector. Jonneke and Fred gave me a little box of peat cones from Ardbeg (you can see them in the shop on the website. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible to link to them, so you'll just have to look for them). You light them and when they burn they give off the peaty, smoky aroma of a peat fire. Soon the peat reek was wafting through the room. When I closed my eyes it was almost like sitting next to a peat fire on Islay. Very nice and relaxing, the smell of the peat, the taste of the food and drink.

Oh, and no, it didn't set off my smoke alarm.



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