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Saturday, 12/May/2007

Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand Likes Islay

Islay and pop music is a combination I've written about before. Today I'm going to add Islay Single Malt whisky into the mix. A few months ago I wrote about Islay's And Jura's Claim To Rock Fame. More recently I wrote about Islay, Idlewild and Foxface. Today I'm going to give you a quote by Alex Kapranos of Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand:

Today I drove it up the West coast, alongside Loch Fynne, past Tarbet and got the Ferry to Islay. It's very beautiful. George Orwell wrote 1984 on Jura, which is next door. I'm going to visit some of the distilleries tomorrow. Whiskey from Islay is the best drink in the world.

Unfortunately I can't provide you with a direct link (also known as permanent link) to the quote, but you can find it on Alex Kapranos' blog when you scroll to the entry 17|08|04. So, there we have it, Alex seems to quite like Islay and thinks Islay whisky is the best drink in the world. May be something the Islay whisky industry should capitalise on to find new customers among the young and trendy?



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