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Tuesday, 12/Jun/2007

A Small Islay Blog World

The blogging world (sometimes also known as ‘blogosphere’) can be so small. I just came home and started my newsreader, in particular for some Islay news. One of the first feeds I looked at was the one for the Bruichladdich Blog. To my surprise the first headline read:

Check out this blog - The Cartoonist

Now why would Bruichladdich suggest to check out The Cartoonist? To understand my initial surprise you have to know that I know ‘The Cartoonist’ for quite a few years now. We haven't met in person (yet), but we have exchanged a number of e-mails and linked to each other (from my other blog, not from this until today). His blog is mainly about art, advertising and Raumpatrouille Orion.

But I also happen to know that he likes a good Islay Single Malt Whisky, so I'm slightly embarrased that it didn't click immediately. The reason Bruichladdich suggests to check out his blog is this entry, where he writes:

Happiness is. Saturday. Sunshine. Garden. A Colombo "Smoke" glass filled with Bruichladdich. A good book about the sixties.

I hope this finally convinces him to really visit Islay, something he should really do to get out of that horrible London for a while. Or at least to draw a few Islay Cartoons. Don't you think so as well?

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