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Tuesday, 12/Jun/2007

Beach Rugby on Islay

Picture of a very clean beach

Having written about football on Islay a few weeks ago I wanted to write about rugby, which is also a big sport on Islay. I had hoped to write about it before the Islay Beach Rugby Tournament kicked off last weekend, but for some reason didn't get around to do it. So I'm going to try to catch up today. A few links and other things I found on the web about (beach) rugby and Islay.

Above is a view how the rugby pitch outside of the White Hart Hotel in Port Ellen looked just before the tournament started. I'm sure the sand didn't look that smooth for very long.

Picture of spectators at a beach rugby event

One of the people planning to play in the tournament was Islay's IslayIan. Just a few weeks ago he wrote about Islay Beach rugby and that at 41 he's still a playing member of the Islay Rugby Club. But it wasn't meant to be: Less than a week before the tournament he hurt his knee and was forced to be a spectator. At least he wasn't the only spectator, from what I can tell from the picture I was sent a quite big crowd gathered to watch the games. Ian also posted some excellent Islay Beach Rugby action pictures, some great shots there, although I think they are from a previous tournament.

Almost as to be expected the winners were Melrose Rugby Club, who have won it several times before, for example MRFC won it in 2004 against Glasgow Warriors. In 2006 Melrose beat Oban/Larne in the final. Will it be 2008 next?

And finally: While some columnists think that beach rugby is a duff sport the participants violently disagree, especially after being flattened by a Fijan.

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