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Monday, 11/Jun/2007

Blog Reactions to BBC Springwatch on Islay

The last week of BBC Springwatch on Islay has just started. Having covered the press reactions last week I thought I look at what other blogs write this week. Springwatch being a popular program has generated quite a few entries, here are a few I found interesting, from the local to the distant bloggers:

Let me start with the ‘local’ bloggers: Helen works for the RSPB and has just spent a year on Islay as a warden. She has written a great entry about The first week of Springwatch Live on Islay. Cherralyn spent the last few weeks on Islay (I think she's an occupational health nurse or something like that) and she saw the BBC crew filming seals while she was exploring Islay. And finally the Islay Birds blog reports of rain followed by sunshine while Springwatch is being filmed.

Moving from the local straight to the foreign bloggers: I've mentioned him previously, Wim Bloemendaal continues his coverage in Meer Springwatch 2. My Dutch is rusty to say the least, but am I right in thinking that he likes watching Simon King on Islay but is getting irritated by Bill and Kate from Devon? My Finnish is even worse than my Dutch, so I'm not sure what exactly I'm linking to here. I only know that this (or these?) blogger has been on Islay recently and seems to mention Springwatch in the Ajassa taaksepäin... entry. Translation help welcome in the comments.

And finally lets move back to the UK: Patrick Roper has a windowbox to study and follow the natural biodiversity of said windowbox. Well, he hasn't got it any more, as gave it to the Springwatch team who took it to Islay. Freda lives in Argyll and has an interesting entry about Corncrakes. And someone writing about British Telly has some nice words to say about Springwatch.

Those are some of the ones I found, I'm sure there's much more out there. In any case, as far as I can tell it has been great for Islay and has generated quite a bit of interest for the island. I hope at least some of the interest will also turn into future visits to Islay.

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