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Tuesday, 28/Aug/2007

Islay, Peru, Revisited

Regular readers might remember earlier mentions of another Islay, the Islay in Peru. Back in October 2006 I mentioned an earthquake in Islay and explained a little bit about the connection between the Isle of Islay and the Islay province in Peru. Two weeks ago there unfortunately has been another earthquake in Peru seemingly also impacting Islay province, as the Bruichladdich blog reports. Luckily there's more than earthquakes:

Something for my Spanish speaking readers (assuming there are any): Today I found a Peruvian blog which after reporting about the earthquakes picks up the Islay - Islay connection: Islay De Arequipa Y Escocia Se Hermanan Doblemente. It links to a report in Spanish about the visit of Islay's mayor to the Isle of Islay: La visita del Sr. Miguel Román a Islay - Escocia.

For those who don't speak any Spanish (like me) there's a report in a wine blog, Ancient Link Celebrated by Scotland and Peru, which in turn quotes from, Scotland and Peru celebrate ancient link.

If any Spanish speakers are reading this, feel free to say hello (hola?) in the comments. If you are from Peru let us know if there are any news from Islay province in Peru!

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