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Saturday, 01/Sep/2007

Demolition of the Islay Hotel, Port Ellen

Picture of a Landrover with a trailer with building equipment in front of the ruins of a hotel

It is really happening. On Wednesday I mentioned that the redevelopment of the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen was finally going to kick off this week. Earlier today I received some pictures from Islay showing first progress. I'm told that the building will be completely demolished next Saturday and then it's just a case of clearing the site. Hopefully soon after first signs of rebuilding on the site will appear.

Using a cherry picker to start taking off what remains of the roof:

Picture of a cherry picker next to the ruins of a dilapidated hotel

First parts of what remained of the roof are gone:

Picture of the ruins of a building with parts of the roof removed

Picture of a plaque with the year 1888 in the wall of a buildingThere's one thing I'm wondering if they're going to save and possibly recycle it in some way: I don't know the correct name for it (I assume there is one, but I don't know it), but it would be nice to somehow preserve the stone with the year the Islay Hotel was originally built. 1888, almost exactly 120 years ago. Or will the new Islay Hotel already emerge from the ‘ashes’ in 2008, exactly 120 years after the first one was built? Either way, good luck with the project, I'm looking forward to seeing the new Islay Hotel in Port Ellen. And then hopefully staying at it at some point.

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