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Sunday, 02/Sep/2007

Printable Islay Guide 2nd Edition

Screenshot of the cover of 'Armin's Little Islay Guide'

Back in July I published the draft and soon after the first edition of ‘Armin's Little Islay Guide’, my printable PDF guide to the Isle of Islay. I had quite a bit of feedback and suggestions for improvement. Earlier this evening I've completed the 2nd Edition of the guide, some of the changes I've included are:

I've added a simple map of Islay, showing the main roads, villages, distilleries and a few other points of interest. It's a fairly simple map I've created myself, but it shows what I'd like it to show.

The table of contents has been moved to the front, as that's where most people were expecting it. I've improved the layout to keep related information closer together. There's now a ‘Your Notes’ page for your own notes.

And finally I've also done quite a bit of work on the contents: There were a few mistakes I've fixed (if you find any more please let me know). I've added information about banks and post offices. There's a short paragraph about The Ileach, for those not familiar with it (yes, those people do exist). I've added a complete new section with suggestions what to do on a rainy day. The topic of birdwatching and wildlife has been expanded significantly. And much more.

With all this the guide has now grown to 32 pages (from 22 pages), full of helpful information (at least that's what I claim). Where can you get it? At the printable PDF Islay guide download page of course.

As usual, feedback and further suggestions for improvements are welcome.

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