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Thursday, 13/Sep/2007

New Wildlife and Islay Blog to Watch

When I returned from my two weeks on Islay in June I had the name of someone on my list to look up their website and to blog about his work after meeting them during my stay on Islay. My original plan was to do this when I came to the relevant Two weeks on Islay in June 2007 travelogue page.

Visitors to Kilchoman House Cottages will most likely have seen some of his pictures and quite possibly have heard his name. This picture of two gannets is one example. Gordon Yates is a wildlife photographer who regularly visits Islay and has done so for a long time. So why mentioning it now and not later as planned?

The reason is fairly simple: Gordon Yates has just started a blog, which looks very promising. To start with his header picture is very similar to this view:

Picture of two bays seen over some hills

Any blog with a view of Machir Bay and Kilchiaran Bay must be good. Gordon plans to share his wildlife sightings on the blog, as he spends a significant amount of time on Islay I hope to read quite a bit about Islay and in particular Islay's wildlife on his blog.

Welcome to the world of blogging Gordon, I'm looking forward to reading your blog and hopefully meeting you again on Islay some time!

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