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Thursday, 10/Jan/2008

Ewan Graham's Islay Sunset Pictures

Many people will be aware of Flickr and the many excellent pictures to be found there. I've written about the Islay and Jura pictures to be found on Flickr before, a year later it's time to return to it and point out the Islay pictures of Ewan Graham. Over the last few weeks and months his pictures were among the best of Islay I've noticed coming online on Flickr.

Ewan is from Ballygrant, a student and barman, which is not too surprising considering that his parents own and run the Ballygrant Inn. A nice place for tea and scones after a walk at Finlaggan. But then that's not the topic of this entry, at least not directly.

A few days ago Ewan uploaded 12 very nice pictures of a December sunset over Loch Finlaggan (this is where Finlaggan, just around the corner from Ballygrant, does come in). More dramatic sunsets in his Sun Setting Over Loch Indaal pictures. You can also see all of Ewan's Islay sunset pictures for even more. I hope there's even more to come.

But he doesn't only take Islay sunset pictures, I quite like this picture of Swans on Ballygrant Loch with Paps of Jura in Background. And as of writing this there are 407 photos in his Isle of Islay set.

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