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Friday, 11/Jan/2008

Friday Islay Picture (42)

Drove home through snowshowers this evening, now it's just raining. What a lovely start to the weekend. But then again I'm going to work at least tomorrow afternoon, possibly Sunday, helping out with a critical project. Hence I don't know how much Islay blogging or travelogue progress there will be this weekend. But I won't let you go into the weekend without a Friday Islay Picture:

Picture of ruins of buildings on an island in a loch (lake)

After mentioning Ewan's pictures of a sunset over Finlaggan yesterday I thought I post my own version of it. Well, kind of. This was taken in October, around mid afternoon I think, on the way back from a stroll with the Walkaboutabit group of the Islay Community Access Group. I quite like the slightly darker and hazy light in the picture, creating a rather mysterious atmosphere around Finlaggan.

And it's also the reason for yesterday's comment about tea and scones at the Ballygrant Inn after a walk at Finlaggan. Because that's what we did after walking from the A846 to Finlaggan and back, enjoying scones and tea at the Ballygrant Inn. I also have a vague memory that we might have seen Cuillin when we left, at least I think there was another dog in addition to Lindy's.

Have a great weekend, whatever the weather is where you are and whatever you do, if you are working or relaxing this weekend!

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