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Saturday, 12/Jan/2008

Late Night Islay Jazz Video

Finally made it home just before 23:00 today, certainly got a lot done in the office. Trying to wind down now with a wee dram of Islay Single Malt (Ardbeg 10yo today) and a bit of music. Considering the time of night I find a bit of jazz quite fitting, something wzyjzz is helping me to do with several videos from last years Islay Jazz Festival. Here's one at Bunnahabhain distillery:


There are several more, like Brian Kellock and Ken Peplowski at Ardbeg Distillery, Haftor Medboe Group at Islay House and Leah Gough Cooper at The White Hart Hotel. Easiest way is to visit wzyjzz account, where they are all listed (as of writing this 8 videos).

But there's one thing that leaves me a bit baffled: I admit that I've never been to a Jazz concert, not on Islay, not anywhere else. So I don't know what the conventions for Jazz concerts are. But seeing the audience in some of the videos they all seems to look quite serious. Quite stiff, leaning back with their arms crossed over their chest. Is that normal at a jazz concert or am I just misinterpreting what I'm seeing?

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