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Sunday, 13/Jan/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #18

Good morning. Yes, this weekend the Islay Blogging Roundup is a bit earlier than usual and I won't be having a wee dram of Islay Single malt while or after writing it. Same as yesterday I've agreed to help out with a critical project at work this afternoon and don't know yet if and when I'll have time for blogging this evening. Pulling the roundup in to this grey and wet Sunday morning made sense then. So what have the blogs been writing about Islay this week?

Let me start with some Islay walking after mentioning the Islay Walking Week 2008 myself earlier this week. Becky has been walking again, from Ardnave to Kilnave this time. Not only that, she also posts a picture of Granny's Rock after I asked in her previous entry about her Kilchiaran to Granny's Rock walk.

Ville has only written one entry in his blog so far, but in his Kultur 2007 entry he says his new favourite whisky is Caol Ila after his best trip in 2007 was to Islay.

Unfortunately only my German speaking readers will be fully able to appreciate one of the more unusual blogs I'm linking here: Meng-Lin Chou is from Taiwan, but now lives in Germany where she blogs about tea on Tee erleben - Teeblog, writing in German. The connection with Islay? Well, she has blogged about Lapsang Souchung und Laphroaig. She finds some of the tastes she knows from her teas in the whisky, quite interesting to read.

Staying with whisky, John Hansell asks Is it the beginning of the end of reciprocation? A very interesting read about whisky blends, changes in the trading of whisky between companies and how this could impact experimentation in the whisky industry.

IslayIan again and again comes up with interesting uses of technology: His entry [Blank Page] sends us to [BLANK PAGE]. This is a blog by 4 pupils at Islay High School, who will use the blog in their creative writing project. Quite nice project which should be interesting to follow.

Let's look at a few blogs mentioning visits to Islay:

Paul Warkworth is from Warkworth, Ontario, in Canada, although he was born in England. Looking back at how he became a scotch whisky afficionado he describes a visit to Islay for his 50th birthday and how it influenced his tastes.

I mentioned Jeff Frane last week as a blog to watch. While we're not on Islay yet we are getting closer in Drinking in the UK, Part Three. So keep this blog on your watchlist for more to come from him.

John Wright is a keen birdwatcher and photographer, publishing his pictures on Wright's Wanderings. He obviously also went to Islay, Dec 07. Other Islay (and Jura) pictures include Sea duck on Loch Indaal, various views over the lochs of Islay, The Paps of Jura, The Paps of Jura seen from Bowmore, more views of Islay, Barnacle Geese, a Buzzard flushing Barnacle Geese, 900 Scaup on Loch Indaal and I suspect these Choughs are from Islay as well.

Talking of birds, the Islay Birds blog reports of 77 Fieldfares. The stormy weather also features, together with around 44,000 Barnacle Geese and almost 7,000 Whitefronts. Once the storms were over a rare Bittern was spotted, the first for a long time.

Yes, the weather, Ron get's quite excited about the Extreme Weather on Islay, although he then has to report that the Islay Weather is back to Normal. I disagree on the picture though, the colours look far too cold to think it could have been taken in the summer.

The Bruichladdich Blog is also back from their Christmas holiday with a lot of entries. Quite unsurprisingly the storm also features, Blowing in the Wind. I don't think they agree very often, but for once Mark agrees with the chairman of the SWA about Bagpipes, Heather and Tartan. In news from the distilleries he reports about New Kettles. No, not the type you use to boil water for your tea.

I think that's all for now, I've got to run. No roundup for this week available yet, so just check the Scottish Roundup yourself for this weeks roundup of blogging in Scotland as and when it appears. More Islay Blogging from me tomorrow, hopefully.

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