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Wednesday, 16/Jan/2008

More Islay Seen From Ireland

Home much earlier today, but then I'm planning an early night today to catch up on some sleep. Not sure yet what tomorrow will bring. Nevertheless I can post twice today, even though the earlier entry was a catch up from yesterday. So, what view of Islay am I going to tell you about today?

Some readers might remember the view of Islay seen from Ireland I linked to in April 2007. Today I found another interesting view of Islay seen from Ireland. It is an HDR view from Murlough Bay on Ireland past Rathlin Island to Islay. Not that much to see on the standard view, but if you select All sizes and then Original you get a very good view. For another view you might want to look at the Murlough Panorama, which also takes in Islay, Jura and the Mull of Kintyre. Again I recommend the original size for the best view.

For another view of Islay across the sea you might want to try my sister's picture and panorama of Islay and Jura from Kintyre.

Now I'm off to bed to catch up on some sleep, fingers crossed that I get home at a decent time tomorrow for some more Islay blogging...

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