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Wednesday, 16/Jan/2008

Islay the Wonder Horse

Yes, I'm still alive. It turned out to be another very long day yesterday, with the result that I only got home after midnight. So no Islay blogging yesterday. I don't have a television anyway, so it didn't matter too much that I missed the Bruichladdich documentary on BBC 2. Had a quick look, but it doesn't seem to available on the BBC iPlayer. Anyway, I should go to bed, but while I'm dead tired I'm also wide awake now, trying to wind down. So I'm going to post a link to another animal named Islay:

I remember posting an entry about a calf called Islay, then I linked to a Sheltie called Islay after earlier mentioning Queen Victoria and Islay (Islay being her dog). Somewhere I might have already mentioned a horse called Islay (can't find it right now though), here's another one:

Rehab-Horse Wins Bronze At European Vaulting Champs, writes Simply Marvelous, a horse blog. The horse in question is obviously called Islay, otherwise I wouldn't mention it. It has an interesting history, starting out as a police horse before turning into a star at competitions. For more details read the report about Islay (the horse) in Horsetalk.

And this seems to have done the trick, I'm now getting sleepy and feel ready for bed. Good night. Hopefully more (time for) Islay blogging later today. Fingers crossed.

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