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Monday, 11/Feb/2008

Islay Pictures by gpat ile

This week started pretty much like the last finished, another very long day at work. Not very helpful for extensive Islay blogging. But I don't want to leave my readers without their daily dose of Islay, so I'm going to send you away to some more nice Islay pictures on Flickr, the photo sharing site. Almost exactly a month ago I wrote about Ewan Graham's Islay Sunset Pictures, today I'm going to recommend the pictures of Flickr user gpat ile:

I don't know much about him, apart from that he's male, lives in Keills and works with CalMac. It's probably not a big surprise then that he has a lot of pictures of Islay Ferries. Some brilliant pictures like the Hebridean Isles in front of the snowy Paps of Jura (looks even better in big) or the Isle of Arran coming into Port Askaig. But he's not only taking pictures of Calmac boats, there's also this one of the paddle steamer Waverley among others.

There are also other pictures of Islay including the Paps of Jura & Sailing Ship, Heather House in fog & Paps of Jura and this great Paps Sunrise. Oh, almost missed Heather House & Paps, which would have been a shame.

I'll leave you with this beautiful sunset over Keills, good night for now...

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