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Monday: 11/Aug/2008

Reminder: Spot The Islay Whisky Barrel

Over the last few weeks I either entertained or bored you with a number of entries about the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen. Over the weekend there was the Rebuilding the Islay Hotel Video and two weeks ago the 3 Islay Hotel Panoramas, just to name a few. Today I'm going to remind you about a related event which will take place just off the coast of Islay soon. This picture should give you an idea:

Picture of a view over the sea from Kilnaughton Bay near Port Ellen

Quite a few of you will have guessed this is about the Spot The Whisky Barrel competition, where a barrel will be dropped from a plane (on a parachute) and you have to predict where it will land. The deadline to submit your entry is fast approaching now, as the competition closes on Thursday the 14th of August. That's this week.

Speaking with Roland during my visit to Islay in July he told me he hopes to let the actual drop happen within a few days after the competition closes. However, the final word with be with the pilot who needs a very calm day with almost no wind to be able to drop the barrel. Either way, I guess the two chairs at Kilnaughton Bay will be a popular spot to watch the spectacle.

If you haven't got your ticket yet or are considering to get another one there are some interesting news with a special promotion: 5 tickets for the price of 4. This is open to everyone and there are three ways to enter as Roland and Allison point out:

  1. See us at the Islay Show on the 14th August (FINAL DAY). Get your ticket and also a dram!
  2. We now have office premises at the Site Office (opposite the building site), Frederick Crescent, Port Ellen, Islay. A barrel is placed outside the door to indicate that the office is open and you can pop up and see Allison who will be able to help you complete your other entry or entries and provide you with a confirmation receipt(s). FREE DRAM to everybody who comes into the office.
  3. Go to the Spot The Whisky Barrel website and complete your entry online and pay through PayPal. Once you have completed four entries on-line, please e-mail and we will arrange for a free 5th entry to be generated and a confirmation receipt forwarded to you.

All that remains to say is good luck and that hopefully the weather gods will arrange for a calm day soon...

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