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Tuesday, 12/Aug/2008

Reappearing Islay Wreck Revisited

Collection of 3 pictures of a wreck on Islay at different times

Apparently I'm some weird kind of cretin as I'm not watching the Olympics. But then again I rather prefer going for a run along the canal where I live (or even better on Kilchoman Beach on Islay) myself than watching other people running in circles or whatever they do. Or instead of sitting in front of a television consuming what others produce I prefer to create my own things, to a large extent in some way Islay related web ‘content’. For today I decided to write about the ‘reappearing Islay wreck’ again and provide another update to what's happening on Kilchoman Beach in Machir Bay:

If you read my Reappearing Islay Wreck entry from May again you will notice the last sentence: ‘To be continued?’ Turns out just three months later it is worth continuing the series (The first one was the Friday Islay Picture(s) (36) from November 2007). Simply because even in the three months between April 2008 and July 2008 the wreck changed again. Not as much as between October 2007 and April 2008, but the sand moved again and revealed a bit more:

Picture of the remains of a wreck on Kilchoman Beach on Islay in July 2008

Not entirely sure what it is/was, but note the round structure in the centre now visible? I think almost another foot of sand has disappeared, also comparing how much of the sides of the wreck are now visible.

Picture of a wreck on a beach on the Isle of Islay with the Kilchoman Crags in the background

I'm sure there will be another entry at some point. Be it after my next visit to Islay in October, be it next year, be it in two years. I'm sure the sand will shift again and provide yet another view.

That's all about it now. Feel free to go back to watch the Olympics. This entry was supported by a pint of Ardnave Ale from Islay Ales, a bag of crisps and Dick Dale & his Del-Tones with ‘King of the Surf Guitar’.

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