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Sunday, 07/Sep/2008

New Islay Video - Evening at Saligo Bay

The last two Friday Islay Pictures were both from Saligo and Saligo Bay, #71 and #72. They were showing the end of a very nice day on Islay, the clear moonlit sky over Saligo after sunset. Which nicely leads me to my latest Islay video: As promised on Friday I've looked through the video footage of my evening at Saligo Bay and selected some of the best parts to share with you.

DirectEveningAndSunsetAtSaligoBay,IsleOfIslay,Scotland (I recommend using the ‘watch in high quality’ option. Much much better.)

A quick summary of the 7:12 min video:

An evening at Saligo Bay on the west coast of the Isle of Islay in Scotland: After a beautiful sunny day we drive from Kilchoman to Saligo at just before 9:00 pm. Walking through the dunes at Saligo we reach the beach, where we watch the sun slowly setting over the sea.

The moon comes out in a clear sky, illuminating the landscape well after the sun has set. I thought about adding some music, but decided against it: No ‘background music’ in this video, just the sound of the waves breaking on the beach and the wind blowing in from the sea. Probably the best music anyway.

I would have posted this video earlier, had we not had a power failure earlier this afternoon. Doesn't only happen on Islay during the winter storms...

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