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Monday, 15/Sep/2008

Islay Show Winner Pictures

Picture of a calf and various other cattle behind it in a pen

When I wrote the entry about the Islay farmers making the news last week I didn't have any picture of the winners at the Islay Show. That has now changed: A reader was so kind to send me a few pictures from the show, in particular of the winners. Sometimes they were a bit elusive, but you should still get a good impression. Above you can see Tom Epps with his winning calf, below is the Champion pony of Alastair and Angela MacLeod:

Picture of a pony held by its owner at an agricultural show

I don't know what they are actually being judged on, I guess their general ‘behaviour’, their coat and how they are presented by their owners? Anyway, I quite like the colour of this pony and how it changes into the legs.

Last but not least below the Champion sheep by Messrs MacMillan of Ardbeg, a Blackface ewe lamb:

Picture of a lamb with its owner at an agricultural show

That's all. Good night.

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