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Tuesday, 30/Sep/2008

Islay Kite Aerial Pictures

Some time a few weeks ago I briefly thought about buying a small model plane with a remote controlled camera for some aerial pictures of Islay. So far I haven't got round to pursue this idea further and I might completely drop it now. As today I (re-)discovered a much better way to do the same thing: Kite Aerial Photography (KAP). Instead of a model plane the camera is attached to a kite to take the aerial pictures, in this case of Islay:

This morning I discovered this fascinating aerial picture of the wreck on the beach in Machir Bay (that's the same reappearing Islay wreck I've written about before). I asked James Gentle if he had taken any other aerial pictures on Islay and he pointed me into the direction of his 2008 KAP Gallery. While he says he wasn't blessed with great weather I'm still fascinated by the results.

You need to scroll down a bit for the Islay (and Oronsay) pictures, click on the pictures for a larger version or alternate pictures. There's a view of Carnain Cottage from the air, if you click on it you will get a view of the ruin of Kilchoman church from above. I also like the view of Oronsay Priory and in particular the view of Bowmore. Most people will be very familiar with the view up Main Street to the Round Church at the top, looking down at the church from the same point is a very interesting perspective.

I had heard of Kite Aerial Photography before, but forgotten about it. James' site has a lot more information, to start with a KAP, What's it all about? page. After that page just follow his other KAP pages and links.

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