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Wednesday, 01/Oct/2008

Islay House on Historic Scotland

Picture of a large white house with salt marshes and geese in the foreground

Since Islay House was put on the market last year economic conditions haven't exactly been favourable (does that count as understatement of the week?). I don't know what the very latest is, but in July the asking price was reduced to £1,750,000, the price Islay House is currently listed at. Even at that price I guess it will be difficult to sell and I haven't heard anything further about a potential community buyout either, which is sad considering some information I recently found on Historic Scotland:

Islay House is listed on the Historic Scotland website with quite a lot of information about the gardens and the house. The overview description reads:

A late 18th century picturesque landscape extended and elaborated in the 19th century, which lay at the centre of major agricultural and landscape development on Islay. In any context this is a large and ambitious eighteenth and nineteenth century landscape with many elements of great interest, however on Islay it is of outstanding importance.

The Site History provides a lot of information and background, although it isn't fully up to date with the development of the Islay House Community Garden project. There is a Photo Gallery with a variety of pictures mainly of the gardens.

Definitely worth exploring further!

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