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Sunday, 26/Oct/2008

Back from a Stormy and Wet Islay

Back from my third visit to Islay this year. For a few hours it looked like I was going to stay for at least another day, but then the wind calmed down and the captain of the Isle of Arran decided to leave from Port Askaig to Kennacraig yesterday afternoon. Yesterday wasn't the only windy day on Islay last week, with the exception of Wednesday there was a storm or even a gale every day. Not to forget the rain, of which there was quite a lot as well.

In other words, the weather was atrocious. Which also made it fantastic. The waves at Machir Bay and Saligo Bay were fantastic and during the short moments the sun broke through the light was brilliant.

Picture of large waves breaking in Machir Bay, Islay

I took over a 1,000 pictures again, some of which I hope are decent. I also recorded several hours of video, some of which I hope will be usable (filming under those stormy and wet conditions wasn't exactly easy...).

Picture of a full rainbow over an agricultural landscape

I brought quite a few Islay souvenirs, mostly consumables (e.g. Islay Meat and my Octomore Futures, more about both soon), but also something durable (to put on the walls, more about that once they're hanging).

Luckily the weather forced me to work off quite a few calories, otherwise I'm sure I would have gained a few pounds during this week. Apart from the excellent Islay Meat and some ‘imported’ salmon (from ) I also had another excellent dinner at an taigh-osda (review to follow). Sitting next to us was a couple which had just celebrated their wedding on Islay and had their wedding pictures taken at a very stormy Saligo Bay, but that's also a story for another entry.

In short, I had another great week on Islay. More to come from this week once I've got the laundry done and got used to life on the mainland again.

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