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Monday, 27/Oct/2008

A Meaty Souvenir from Islay

Picture of three vacuum packed items of meat from Meat Islay

While I'm not on Islay any more now I can at least enjoy a taste of Islay for the next few evenings: As briefly mentioned yesterday some of my souvenirs from Islay are consumables. No, not of the liquid variety, at least not for today.

When I wrote about Campbell Butchers of Port Ellen a few weeks ago I said I was going to go shopping in Port Ellen, which I obviously did last week. Twice.

The first time was early in the week, when I bought a Sirloin Steak and two types of sausages (Beef sausages and Pork sausages with peppercorns). Both tasted fantastic. Meaning I wanted more. Unfortunately I was running out of days to eat at on Islay.

But someone suggested to just take some with me, so there was my second opportunity to go Islay meat shopping. I went back to Campbell Butchers on my last full day before having to leave and asked what my options were, considering that I had a long journey ahead of me.

They can vacuum pack the meat (if required in individual packs) and we also sorted out a ‘delivery’ to Bridgend (as my ferry was leaving from Port Askaig, so Bridgend was on my way from Kilchoman). As I was so pleased with it I bought the sirloin steak and the sausages again, adding a frying steak as the third option.

The delivery worked to perfection, as did the vacuum packing and the transport home (thanks to my cooler bag and some borrowed ice packs). This evening I had my first Islay meat dinner down here in the south of England: The frying steak was delicious, some of the best beef I've had for a long time!

PS: You might have noticed the Meat Islay - ‘Hatched and Despatched on Islay’ on the packages, another reason to buy it.

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