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Saturday, 01/Nov/2008

Week at Kilchoman Beach Islay Video

Almost exactly a week after I left Islay the second video from my stormy and wet week on Islay in October. The idea for this video came to me on Kilchoman Beach, during another stormy day with the waves crashing on to the beach right beside me: A video ‘diary’ of an October week at Kilchoman Beach, Machir Bay, on the west coast of Islay:


During the week I stayed at Kilchoman House Cottages, only a short distance away from Kilchoman Beach and Machir Bay. Every ‘morning’ (sometimes quite late in the morning...) I went jogging at Kilchoman Beach. To each of these runs I took a small camera, recording some of the views I had from the beach over Machir Bay.

They included big wild waves, calmer seas, clouds, sunshine, rain, strong winds up to gales, calmer winds, empty beach, other people on the beach, sand in many variations, foam and many more.

During one of the runs I thought, why not create a video ‘diary’ using footage from each day? The idea was born and I made sure to have the camera every morning. This video is the result and will take you through the week, providing impressions of Kilchoman Beach from every day of the week. I hope it will give you a good idea of a week on a beach on Islay in October.

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