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Monday, 10/Nov/2008

Islay Traffic Control

Thought I revisit a previous topic today. While my journey to and from work wasn't too bad today I still got stuck in slow moving traffic for a while. I guess the rain and generally horrible weather might have had something to with it. While bad weather can have an impact on driving on Islay (Someone once told of wind so strong he was struggling to keep a 4x4 on the road) a bit of rain doesn't usually mean traffic grinding to a halt. This type of hazard on the other hand is much more frequent on Islay:

Picture of a herd of cattle walking on a single track road

If this view looks familiar that might be because I used a similar picture in the Islay Traffic Problems entry a few weeks ago. So why bringing it again? Because someone else had the same idea as me, possibly well before I wrote about it:

When travelling the back roads on Islay you often encounter cattle or, more often, sheep. None of them are too disposed to speed!

From the description to Islay Traffic Control (with picture, I think on the approach to Claggain Bay). Which pretty much hits the nail on the head, in particular the cattle can be very slow if they feel like it.

PS: There are more ‘Islay creative works’ available on the site

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