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Saturday, 15/Nov/2008

Latest on Port Ellen Islay Maltings Silo Collapse

Picture of a digger working at a collapsed grain silo

As the panorama of the back of the Islay Hotel to complement the Islay Hotel Panorama October 2008 is more difficult to create than I had hoped I'm afraid you'll have to wait until at least tomorrow for that one. However, I've got an update on the collapsed Port Ellen Islay Maltings silo from yesterday. As mentioned yesterday engineers have arrived to assess the remaining silo and decide how to deal with the collapsed silo. Some pictures I've received this evening show the extent of the damage:

Picture of grain spilling from a collapsed silo

The press on the mainland report the incident extensively:

Picture of a collapsed grain silo at an industrial maltings

The second silo had been emptied as a precaution, from what I understand it will come down tomorrow. Looking at the damage I'm not surprised, note the large dent at the top where it is starting to cave in:

Picture of a damaged silo next to a collapsed silo

Looks like the weight of the walkway is just pushing it in, as the support from the other silo is missing. This also shows that it was wise to evacuate the neighbouring houses in Bay View and close the road, to be prepared should the second silo collapse.

At least the weather on Islay seems to be fairly decent, so that work can progress reasonable quickly. The forecast from Monday onwards doesn't look too promising though, quite wet.

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