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Sunday, 16/Nov/2008

2nd Port Ellen Islay Maltings Silo Taken Down

How quick a view can change, even on Islay: On Thursday the Port Ellen Maltings had two big silos next to them, as of this afternoon both are gone after the collapse of one of the silos on Friday morning. Latest news I have from Islay is that the main road (A846) has been reopened and that the householders next to the maltings should be allowed back home this afternoon.

Picture of a grain silo being demolished

As mentioned/expected in yesterdays update about the first silo the second silo was taken down today, as it had been damaged through the collapse of the other one. I don't know if the reason for the collapse has been identified yet and what the next steps are.

As of writing this Diageo doesn't seem to have made any further public releases, I would expect an update early next week considering the interest in the press as well as in the blogs (not to forget probably many whisky forums around the world).

Once I hear anything further I'll post an update.

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