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Sunday, 16/Nov/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #55

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

After the events of the last few days with the collapsed silo at Port Ellen Maltings on Islay and the second silo being taken down it is now time to return to our regular schedule. The panorama of the back of the Islay Hotel, the counterpart to the Islay Hotel Panorama October 2008, is making good progress and should be online some time tomorrow. The blogs have been writing a number of entries about Islay, leading to this weeks Islay blogging roundup:

Not surprisingly the collapsed silo is mentioned in a few blogs: Ron on IslayInfo picks it up while Thomas at the ‘Officially Unofficial’ Bruichladdich Blog has thoughts about possible cause before explaining what malting is. Thomas (not the same as the other Thomas) takes the news to Germany when in his Home of Whisky writing Port Ellen versunken.

The maltings are important for various distilleries, so whisky is next on the list:

The WhiskyScape Society covers the latest releases from Bruichladdich, although I have no idea what the title means: A Destilaria de Bruichladdich, ganha com o Port Charlotte PC6, o Galardão de "Best Whisky Under 12 Years Old", e lança o novíssimo PC7! Sounds good though. The real Bruichladdich Blog plays with our imagination with Orgasmic PC and informs us that Octomore & X4 Pre Orders are now available.

Ron in the meantime points out that Black Bowmore Scotch won Malt Whisky of the Year before revisiting Singlemalt.TV. More awards for Islay as Ardbeg's Visitor Centre Best in Scotland.

Takeshi takes my Octomore video to Japan, at least that's what I think his entry is about. I think he's also planning to buy some Octomore, judging from the bottle in this entry.

On to the pictures. Everyone likes nice pictures:

The Port Ellen Boat Race 08 features in the Trawler Photo Gallery. For a while I was getting nervous there wasn't going to be an Islay picture in Photogenic Scotland this week, but today he delivered: Kildalton Cross - Islay. An interesting perspective of Ardbeg Distillery can be found on Mirko's blog, who also found this weathered road sign for Port Ellen worth a picture.

I've already mentioned this earlier, but for completeness I'm going to mention it again: John Connell asks Best place to hold an education unconference…? The answer is obviously Islay (otherwise I probably wouldn't mention it here).

So what's left? The birdwatching (and wildlife watching).

It's fairly quiet on the Islay Birds blog, but James still managed to provide an update on Thursday. Lots of birds seen (and counted) during a bird count including 3 gadwal and 4 black tailed godwits. And that's after a big storm on Monday causing havoc!

John Islay Birder Armitage also reports of the storm, yet still went out for a goose count. Next he went to Jura to see if there were many geese. Later in the week he sea bird watching, although their passage is now reduced.

On Ron's blog Teresa Morris provides an Islay Seasonwatch with Pinkfoot Geese while Jeremy Hastings provides the Islay Nature Report 45 with Long Tailed Duck.

With that I close today, I've got to get to bed, get some sleep for a busy week ahead. Not without the link to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture though, which this week asks Who’s to blame for the abuse of Baby P?

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