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Monday, 17/Nov/2008

Another Islay Hotel Panorama

Slightly later than I had hoped but as hinted over the weekend I have just completed another Islay Hotel panorama. This panorama is the counterpart to the Islay Hotel Panorama October 2008 I finished two weeks ago. With counterpart I mean this view is from the back:

Panoramic picture of the back of the under construction Islay Hotel in Port Ellen

The back of the under construction Islay Hotel, Isle of Islay, October 2008 - 180° Quicktime VR Panorama is the latest addition to my Islay Hotel Port Ellen Panoramas collection. I think the collection is coming along quite nicely, hopefully providing a good comparison how the work on the site progresses.

As there is no netting on this side (compare to the panorama of the front to see what I mean) it is much easier to see the progress: The first floor has been completed and the second floor with the roof is really taking shape. Keep in mind this was taken just over three weeks ago, I would expect it to have progressed quite a bit further since then.

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