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Tuesday, 10/Feb/2009

More Islay Photoblogs and Twitterers

How was that with the buses and the blogs? Or may be it's the New Year resolutions? ‘Start to blog or twitter in 2009’? Just a few days ago I wrote the Islay Photoblog News and it's already outdated. Not only that, I've also spotted an interesting addition to my Islay on Twitter entry from January.

Just yesterday evening I was looking at some of Ewan Graham's picture's on Flickr, in particular the Snow Covered Paps of Jura and the Sheep In The Snow. Today I learned that he also has an Islay photoblog now, simply called Islay Photos (via Ron). Having discovered Ewan's Islay sunset pictures in early January last year and seeing his updates since then it's good to see he joins the ranks of the Islay photobloggers.

Also today I spotted an interesting new user on Twitter: debbiescoffee (through twmp). That's Debbie as in Welcome to Great Coffee Debbie's in Bruichladdich. Anything you ever wanted to read about coffee and espresso...

Last but not least I want to mention a blog I inexcusably forgot to mention in Sunday's Islay Blogging Roundup #67 (although I did have it in #66: The blog is The Whisky Guy Blog by Rob Gard. After his arrival and the Islay Initiation in January it looks like he has now settled down for his stay on Islay. Over the last week and a bit he's been working at Bruichladdich, which he documented in a number of blog entries illustrated with pictures:

Now the only question is, do I update the Islay Blog Links and the Islay Twitter list today or do I wait a day or two until the next ones have started?

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