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Wednesday, 18/Feb/2009

Islay Hotel Progress

Just a fairly short and quick entry this evening, I'm running a bit late and I'm tired and need to get to bed. But not before giving you a quick update about the progress at the Islay Hotel project in Port Ellen. You might remember that the last entry focused on the interior work, mainly driven by the winter weather on Islay. This has now changed:

Picture of the under construction roof of a building with the slates going up

As you can see the slates have now started to go up on the roof of the new hotel. Immediately gives it a nice look, doesn't it?

Picture of a man standing in front of a future fireplace in an under construction hotel

Roland obviously looks very happy with the progress being made. As you can see the fireplace in future bar is also seeing some use already. I think that will be a very popular place with visitors and locals alike.

That's all I'm going to blog for today, good night!

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