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Saturday, 14/Mar/2009

Islay Pipe Band Needs Your Support

After yesterday's mention of the Coffee Break Scottish Comic Relief Charity Special I'm coming to you with another request for help and support. This time it is much closer to home, to Islay, though: The Islay Pipe Band is asking for your support. Before I tell you why and for what they need your support let me remind you of one of their successes last year, Grade 4A Champion of Champions at the British Championships:


When I wrote about Islay and the 'Credit Crunch' last October I had contemplated the ‘potential risk of some of the parent companies cancelling or reducing their investments into the distilleries on Islay.’ Something very closely related has now happened: With Burn Stewart Distillers up for sale and the impact of the financial crisis being felt strongly at the company Black Bottle, one of the main sponsors of the Islay Pipe Band, had to significantly reduce their support:

While a spokesman for Black Bottle has confirmed that the firm will continue to support the band by supplying kit and raffle prizes, this year they will not be able to cover the cost of travel to the 5 major competitions as they have done for the last two years. Having just been promoted to a Grade 3B band the Islay Pipe Band now has to raise several thousand pounds while at the same time having to learn the new and much more complex material needed to compete at their new level.

This is where you come in, where you can help: If you live on Islay or are visiting Islay, there will be a number of fundraising events and activities over the coming months, watch The Ileach for details. Any other help and donations will also be very welcome and will be acknowledged. If you can help you can contact Sheena MacMillan (+44-(0)1496-860279) or Andrew MacEachern (+44-(0)1496 850271), if you prefer e-mail contact Lindy MacLellan at With your help the funding gap can be closed, with the first competition in May there's no time to lose!

For the report in The Ileach see Ron's blog, The Islay Pipe Band needs your help NOW!

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