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Sunday, 05/Apr/2009

Islay Blogging Roundup #75

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Sunday evening, time for the blogging roundup. After the 100th Friday Islay picture this is also a number often celebrated, the 75th Islay blogging roundup. Again not really a number I had expected when I wrote the first Islay blogging roundup back in September 2007, modelled on the Scottish Roundup. Now though I'm expecting to hit the three digits, the 100, by the end of the year. But now to this week, what have the blogs been writing about Islay and Jura:

The Whisky Guy Rob went to the Ballygrant Inn for a quiz night, bringing a a warehouse of knowledge with him. He (and his team) left with a number of prizes.

I don't think many people fell for my April Fools, although somebody claims to have seen it with a whole school of mermaids. Other attempts included Ardbeg going to sell ‘Spirit from the Ardbeg Distillery’ (the youngest Ardbeg ever) and presumably the Bruichladdich Buckfast. However, No April Fool is the opportunity to Watch Whisky Mature.

There were two new (or newly discovered) Islay whisky related blogs: First the Black Bottle Campervan Blog!, which you can also follow on Twitter as blackbottle. The other one is the Travels with Ardbeg blog, I'm still unsure if this is a fan project or run by Ardbeg.

With the holiday season kicking off (shameless plug for my printable Islay guide here) there were a few travelogues showing up:

Impressions of Islay from backpackers staying in the youth hostel can be found in Island Life on A Thought World. BooTeeScoots made a Journey to Jura. Maria and Michael are on the road, having recently been on Islay: The best laid plans of mice & men, Islay and a wee dram or three!, History - liquid and otherwise. and Farewells and new friends describe their experiences on Islay.

Ron brings the unwelcome news of a Reduced Ferry Timetable due to Technical Problems, while Elliott has pictures of the M.V Pentalina B (EX IONA) (more M.V Pentalina B (EX IONA)) on his Islay Sea Shipping blog.

Also on Ron's weblog news about a Bright Future for Port Askaig Hotel and conspiracy theories about Will the New Islay Ferry run from Oban in the Future?

How about some birdwatching?

The Islay Birds blog has a picture of Curlews and reports the first Peacock Butterfly of the year. There were attempts to spot the Gyr Falcon, although some of them only resulted in observations of a duck escaping a Peregrine Falcon.

John Islay Birder Armitage also unsuccessfully tried to spot the Gyr Falcon and later in the week reported of Passerines on the move! There was also some glorious weather for one of the last Goose counts of the season.

Jez Hastings reports a peregrine fly by and a sunny day jack snipe before finishing the week with his Islay Nature Report 5 April on Ron's weblog.

Last but not least the pictures:

Ron has a Strange View of Rhuvaal Lighthouse and the Campbeltown Fishing Boat Paulanda. Ewan shows us a nice Waterfall at Port Na Seillich and a great view of Cuillin and Daffodils. No, not the Cuillins, just Cuillin.

Mark Unsworth shows Uiskentuie Strand, Rough Seas at Bowmore and the Flight of the Whitefront. Mirko Herzner in the meantime takes us around Bruichladdich distillery with closeups of the spirit safe and Mary McGregor leading the distillery tour.

On Photogenic Scotland we find some Islay Light and a panorama of Port Ellen. From my own pictures on the Islay Pictures photoblog I think Kilchoman Beach at Machir Bay in the Fog and Kilchoman Beach and Wreck are my favourites for the week.

I think that's about it for this week, although I've got the strange feeling I've missed something. Anyway, for now I say good night with the usual reference to the Scottish Roundup, which seems to be running late this week. With this roundup I will also take a break from the roundup, as I will be walking on Islay soon the next one won't be online until late April. I'm sure you can cope.

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