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Thursday, 21/May/2009

Islay Hotel Roof Progress

Picture of an under construction roof

Back in April I posted a few pictures of the Islay Hotel, there's also a view of the roof at the back in the My Day On Islay post. The two panoramas of the front as well as the back show how it looked in April. By now that's more than a month ago, progress has been made since then. Luckily I've just been sent a few pictures of work currently happening on the front roof, compare them below to the view from April above.

Picture of a dormer roof window under construction

This is a view coming up from Port Ellen harbour, the slates on the dormer roof are almost complete now, you can see the work progressing. The first roof window is also going in as you can see in the picture below, note the slates also having been started:

Picture of a roof window being built into a roof

I hope this gives those of you interested in the progress at the hotel another good impression. Don't know when the next update will come, you might have to wait until June, there might be a quick update before. We'll see.

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