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Saturday, 23/May/2009

3 years Entry No.1 May 23 2006 Islay Blogging

The idea to create a dedicated blog writing about Islay was slightly older, although I can't remember when I first had the idea. The domain was registered on 09/Apr/2006 when I had the opportunity to add a few domains to my webhosting package. As I was going to WalkIslay in April there was some placeholder content for a while. But towards the end of May I was finally ready: On 23/May/2006 I posted the obligatory first post. Which means that as of today is 3 years old, or in whisky terms it is grown up. Still very young, but it has reached the magical 3 years. What can I say about those first three years?

First of all: Thank you! Thank you to all the readers who have been visiting and reading this blog. Some silent, some more vocal. That's you. Then a big thank you to all those people who have sent me pictures, links, suggestions, feedback, comments and encouragement. Again some prefer do to it quietly and in the background, others more openly. Either way, a big thank you to each of you, without you this blog would be only half as interesting. You know who you are. Thank you also to all the people who make Islay such a great place with so much to blog about!

What does it all mean for myself? It's been a great journey so far. When I started 3 years ago I wasn't sure where it would take me, not even if the whole idea would actually work. So far I'm positively surprised. I've found something to write about almost every day, discovering some real gems on the way. While I don't run any statistics or visitor number trackers I've got the feeling that I've got a good number of readers and that in general they find it interesting. I've got to know quite a few people through the blog, several I've even met in person since (and expect to meet a few more soon).

In case anyone is interested the few boring statistics I do have: If I counted correctly there are now 984 entries (incl this one). Since I added the comment functionality there have been over 500 comments. There are just over 800 pictures so far, including over 100 Friday Islay Pictures. I think that's enough boring numbers.

I've just poured myself a wee dram of Laphroaig 18yo to celebrate. I hope you'll join me with a wee dram this evening (or something else if you don't drink whisky). On to the next few years!

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