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Saturday, 22/Aug/2009

Islay Whisky News I've Been Waiting For

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Now these might not be the news you have been waiting for and some of you will know it already anyway, but then again I only found the time today to look at the news from two of my favourite Islay distilleries in more detail. The distilleries in question are Laphroaig and Bruichladdich. Let me start in the south of Islay, or arguably in Kentucky:

Like many others I very much enjoyed the Laphroaig Live event from Islay last year after the successful first event in 2007. This year the event will be a bit different: It will take place at the Maker's Mark distillery in Kentucky. Yes, that's in the United States. One of the reasons is that Laphroaig is matured in Maker's Mark Bourbon barrels, the other apparently that John thinks it's sunnier over there than on Islay.

Anyway, the event will take place on 25/Sep/2009 at 20:00 hrs / 8:00 pm EST, Kentucky time (is that right? Shouldn't it be EDT at that time of year?), which according to for those in the UK (like me) will make it the 26/Sep/2009 at 01:00 hrs / 01:00 am. A rather inconvenient time, but I plan to attend. One of the things they plan to discuss are food dishes which go well with Laphroaig or Maker's Mark, suggestions can be e-mailed to Laphroaig with the subject line: Distillery Live Recipes. I'm considering sending the Islay Whisky Honey Chocolate Truffles recipe…

Picture of a collection of whisky bottles and tins

Now let's go west over to the Rinns of Islay, to Bruichladdich. Again like many others I've followed the Port Charlotte Project over the years. I am the proud owner of an as yet unopened bottle of First Cut, for some reason created a video of opening the PC6 and earlier this year bought a bottle of PC7. Now the fourth and final release in the series has been released with the PC8.

Picture of the information sheet for the Bruichladdich PC8 whisky

The series is called ‘Ar Dùthchas’, Gaelic for ‘land of our fathers’ or ‘land of our heritage’. While the previous tins were showing people (the distillery team and Islay people) this series now shows impressions of landmarks on the Rinns of Islay where Bruichladdich is located. In the information sheet on the right you can see the Kilchoman Cross.

It seems to be another very good whisky, winning the ‘Spirit of Whisky Fringe’ award (a public vote, not the usual publishers award). I'll have to see where I can get one down here, otherwise I'll have to wait until my next Islay visit in October. Really looking forward to it, I expect it to be even better than the PC7 I'm enjoying while finishing this entry.

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