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Monday, 21/Dec/2009

Islay Windsurfing Video Take 3

Islay on Video written in stencil

My original plan for this evening was to write a follow up to the Islay Nominations for ForArgyll Awards - First Ideas post, including Ron's thoughts on This Years ForArgyll Awards. The weather gods had different ideas. We've had several inches of snow in the Reading and West Berkshire area (and I think the south east in general), causing mayhem on the roads. The 10 mile drive home took me 1:20 hours (which is actually quite good), not leaving me enough time for a well thought through entry about Islay nominations for the awards. Instead I'll ‘only’ post a video I've had on my list for a while, the next instalment after the Islay Windsurfing Video Take 2 from November:


Rather short and noisy, but it is indeed a beautiful gybe. I hope you enjoy it and hopefully I can catch up tomorrow with the other planned post. Good night.

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