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Wednesday, 23/Dec/2009

Islay Fishing Slideshow Video

Islay on Video written in stencil

After a rather stressful journey (in particular through incompetent baggage handling at Frankfurt airport. My bag did arrive, but 1.5 hours after the flight had arrived. Same for 50+ other people) I've now safely arrived at my sister's home in Heidelberg. How to relax after such a journey? Well, I've poured myself a wee dram of Laphroaig Triple Wood and watched an Islay slideshow video:


Some of you might remember the View from Giur Bheinn Islay Video I mentioned a few weeks ago, that's from the same person, Brian Turner, also known as the Islay Fisher. His second Islay video now, hopefully there's more to come.

Good night for now, I'll have to see how much time I get for blogging the next few days. At the very minimum the Islay Pictures photoblog will see a new picture every morning, but hopefully I'll also find the time for a few updates here, in particular on the Islay candidates for the ForArgyll Awards.

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