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Diardaoin, 31/Dec/2009

2009 on

It's that day of the year, the last day, the day where fireworks will be launched to celebrate the end of one year and the start of a new year. At this time of year it's also custom to write a review of the year, Ron wrote his yesterday, my review of Islay in this blog (and others) I've kept for today. The last two years, 2007 and 2008, I used a chronological format, so I thought I try something different this year. With a wee dram (or two) of Laphroaig Triple Wood Islay single malt I'm going to try to pick out a few of my Islay (blogging) highlights for 2009:

Jubilees and other milestones

From a personal Islay blogging point of view there were quite a few milestones reached this year: To start with there was the Friday Islay Picture #100, soon followed by the third birthday of, or in whisky terms it is now a grown up. Later in the year I wrote the Islay Blogging Roundup #100 and the Islay Pictures Photoblog completed its first year. Quite a year then.

Islay Video

While I've uploaded quite a few Islay videos I've filmed and edited myself this year (shameless plug: Armin's Islay Videos) my Islay video of the year is this one:

DirectWaitin'OnASunnyDayOnIslay,Summer2009 (blogged about here).

Islay panoramas

Again I've posted a few Islay panoramas I created myself, but someone else ‘beat’ me with something much better: Noel Jenkins' 360° Islay Panoramas and 20 Immersive Islay Panoramas. Just stunning.

Islay Events

Thinking back to my three Islay visits this year three events in particular come to mind: To start with the Islay Walking Week, covered in two blog entries: WalkIslay 2009 - The First Half and WalkIslay 2009 - The Second Half. Then in June first the Education 2020 Unconference on Islay followed by the Islay Beach Rugby tournament, where I posted the Islay Beach Rugby Final Videos. All very different, yet all very memorable for me (and hopefully others).

Islay food and drink

The food is simple: Seafood Extravaganza at An Taigh-Osda. The drink is more tricky: I'm very much enjoying one while writing this, so the Laphroaig Triple Wood is one of my discoveries of the year. The bottle is as yet unopened (leaving that for a special occasion), but Filling a Bruichladdich Valinch - Take 3 certainly deserves a mention.

Islay (and Islay related) Blogs

This is a blog, I write an Islay blogging roundup, so there are a number of blogs I really enjoyed this year. I wrote about them in Two Islay Blogs in For Argyll Awards, but the Islay Birds and Islay Shipping blogs are a must on my daily reading list. Every morning after posting my picture on the Islay Pictures photoblog I check what Mark has posted on his Islay Photography Gallery, launched early this year.

It is a great blog anyway, but reading Sea kayaking with was a particular pleasure this year with the Islay, Oronsay, Colonsay, Jura, Islay 109km trip. The pictures are just stunning. She only started a series of Islay pictures very recently, yet the Islay pictures on Meruby's Photoblog are a must now.

Quirky cars and great views

Some of the pictures I post come from contributors on Islay (and elsewhere actually), I'm very grateful for their input and sending me the pictures. Two of the highlights particularly come to mind: The Russian Islay Job? led to the owner of one of the Minis sending me another picture: Russian Minis on Islay Revisited. Linked to the various Islay Hotel in Port Ellen updates the fabulous pictures of Port Ellen from up high come to mind.

Spreading Islay's fame in Germany

While I now live in the UK I grew up in Germany and while through lack of regular usage it gets a bit rusty still speak some German. I wrote the Gastbeitrag: The Isle of Islay (Background in English: More Islay auf Deutsch) and was pleasantly surprised to one morning discover an entry Gänse auf Islay (in case you didn't guess it, that's ‘Geese on Islay’) on Spreeblick, one of Germany's best known blogs.

Islay Sport of the year

I think that's simple: Mountain Boarding on Islay. Can't really think of anything that can beat that, not even beach rugby.

Thank you!

Most important though I think are the many people I need to thank for making this blog possible and worthwhile: Everyone who does something Islay (or Jura, Colonsay or Gigha) related I can blog about. The creators of the various videos I've blogged. All the people who have commented or e-mailed and provided feedback or input. The people who have sent me pictures and gave me permission to blog them. All you readers visiting this blog, be it daily or whenever you find the time. You know who you are! Thank you!

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