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Diardaoin, 07/Jan/2010

How did Islay get away without snow?

Last night my father called me from Germany to ask if I was OK, having heard about all the snow which had fallen all over the UK, causing chaos almost everywhere. Well, except for very few places, one of them being Islay (and Jura). Many people are currently blogging and twittering this amazing satellite picture of the snow covered UK (also reported by the BBC at Frozen Britain seen from above). But if you look closely not everything is covered in snow:

Extract from a satellite picture, showing islands with only little snow

As you can see on Islay and Jura only the higher hills still show some snow, there also seems to be comparably little in Kintyre. Bute seems to have hardly any snow either. Arran on the other hand seems to have quite a lot, except close to the shore.

Extract from a satellite picture, showing snow covered land

In contrast almost the whole rest of the UK looks similar to what you can see on the left, this is southern England (I think roughly around where I live, it was a bit difficult to pick). In Aldermaston Wharf we had about 8 inches (20cm) of snow, most of which is still here. It's causing all kinds of problems, from the roads to power supply, just to name two. At least the kids (and youths) love it, plenty to play with. Something to make the folks on Islay jealous, this 8ft snowgiant (and his smaller wife) are standing outside of my house:

Picture of two snowmen, a male very large and a smaller female

Credits: Satellite pictures cropped from a large picture courtesy of ‘NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response’ (website), view in FSI Viewer, view as jpg 250m resolution (3MB). Snowmen built by two youths from Aldermaston Wharf, picture taken by me.

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