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Dimàirt, 10/Aug/2010

Computer, Islay Ferry and other Updates

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Phew, I'm back after just one day of an unscheduled break from Islay blogging. Those who visit my blogs daily will have noticed I didn't post anything either here or on the Islay Pictures photoblog yesterday, those who've read my islayblog ‘tweets’ on Twitter will know why:

In short, yesterday morning my laptop decided it didn't want to boot Windows® any more, something in the installation had become corrupted. No computer, no blogging. While I still had my smartphone for some ‘tweeting’ and basic web access I certainly couldn't blog here or post pictures. Having spent the whole of yesterday evening into the night, part of the morning and this evening on rebuilding and upgrading (I decided to use the opportunity to upgrade from Vista to Win7) I'm now slowly getting ready to fully blog again.

Luckily I've managed to create some backups (or had them anyway for the most important files, i.e. my pictures), so I didn't lose much. Most of my e-mails are gone though, so I've decided to just start from scratch there. If you sent me a mail and still need an answer please resend it. But now back to some Islay blogging, a few news and updates:

As mentioned in the title there are some news for the ferry, I was sent a note about some additional sailings of the Islay ferry which I'll happily pass on: On Friday (13/Aug) and Saturday (14/Aug) they will leave from Port Ellen at 12:30 for Kennacraig and then return to Islay from Kennacraig at 15:15. You can find more information on the Calmac ferry status page for the Islay route.

There don't seem to be many current updates about it online (so far I've only found this picture of the skiffs in Port Askaig ready for the big tour), but the Three Isles Classic Pillage by the Lagavulin Fundraisers was scheduled to arrive in Ardbeg this evening. Thanks for the commenter yesterday pointing it out, for the reasons mentioned above I couldn't write anything about it yesterday.

I've mentioned Intrepid Jane's Going The Extra Mile in the Friday Islay Picture #158 - The High Road entry with a picture dedicated to her and her plans to run 200 miles on Islay and Jura. Well, she's done it. It's still a work in progress, but yesterday she started her blog entry A Very Moving Experience! which is a recount of her run and experiences on Islay and Jura. A very good read, highly recommended.

I think I leave it at that today, as you can read this everything seems to have gone well and I think I'm back in business. Time for a celebratory wee dram of Islay single malt …

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