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Diciadain, 11/Aug/2010

Watching the Perseids Meteors on Islay?

It's that time of year again, well almost, still a day or two to go. I've already given you a heads up on Sunday (see the last paragraph) about a spectacle about to start soon. No, not the Islay Show (which also happens this week), but another opportunity to watch a meteor shower over Islay. With a bit of luck the skies will be even better than this I took on Islay in June:

Picture of a night sky on Islay looking along a road

Should there be clear skies on Islay the next few days (or better nights) this year could be a great opportunity to watch the meteors in Scotland as the moon sets early in the evening. If the forecasts can be trusted Islay should be among the best places in Scotland to watch:

The best spots are likely to be Dumfries, Ayrshire, Argyll, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and again Stirling - which of course had the best view of the Northern Lights last week.

Some more good tips for meteor watching (and in particular the Perseids) can be found on EarthSky's meteor shower guide for 2010 and How to find the radiant point of the Perseid meteors.

Unfortunately same as last year I won't be on Islay myself to watch them, although I'm hoping to find a dark spot near Aldermaston Wharf (weather permitting). If you happen to watch any on Islay and even better manage to take pictures of them I'd love to see them (my e-mail address is made up of my first name, the @ sign and the domain for this blog, i.e.

Good luck and hopefully a clear night!

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