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Diardaoin, 12/Aug/2010

Two Nice Islay Picture Sets

Islay Pictures in stencil

Hmpf, looks like I won't be going meteor watching tonight. It's rather cloudy and wet in West Berkshire this evening and I don't think it will clear up tonight. Looking at the latest weather report from Port Ellen and the nearest forecasts (Ballycastle, Tarbert) it doesn't look too promising for Islay either. So I'm going to look at two sets of Islay pictures instead this evening:

Screenshot snippet of a picture gallery on Flickr

On Tuesday I mentioned the Three Isles Classic Pillage by the Lagavulin Fundraisers, unfortunately there wasn't too much about it online at the time. Luckily that has now change and we can look at 171 pictures the Ileach has put online in their ileachnewspaper Flickr account: You'll find them in the Three Islands Pillage - August 2010 set.

Some nice pictures of them in front of the colourful houses in Tobermory on Mull, leaving into a dreich evening past the Mull (?) lifeboat, under a castle (I think that's on Mull as well?), rowing at night, picking up the Isle of Jura single malt, setting sail from Craighouse, at the pier in Ardbeg and sailing hard near Ardbeg. These were only some which caught my eye, there's a lot more to see in the full set.

Screenshot of a picture gallery with Islay pictures

The second set is from Avallonian, a regular visitor to Islay. I think I've probably mentioned her before, after all there are three sets of Islay pictures on her account. The one I'm interested in today is the ISLAY 2010 account from her latest visit just a few days ago.

Among many there are the Singing Sands, the sun coming through in Port an Eas, several goats on The Oa, the sunset in Port Ellen and the woodland walk at Gruinart. Quite a bit to discover here, I'll let you find the other gems in this collection. I hope you'll enjoy them.

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