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Dihaoine, 30/Sep/2011

Friday Islay Picture(s) #211 - the islay Hotel 2007 to 2011

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Two Islay pictures this evening. Very emotional pictures for many. It was four years in the making, tomorrow will see the official opening of ‘the islay’ hotel in Port Ellen. Regular readers will be aware that I've been following the developments over the years in this blog, a (slightly incomplete, hope to fix that shortly) list of earlier entries about the Islay Hotel, Port Ellen should give you an idea of the project. My original plan was to post just one picture this evening, a look back to October 2007:

Picture of a construction site with the owner showing us around

For those who don't know him, the man on the right is Roland Worthington-Eyre, the owner. He was showing me around that sunny October morning four years ago and has shown me around many times since. Him and his crew, Kathleen, Iain, Emma to name just a few have done a fantastic job.

While I was preparing the picture and started to writing the entry a good friend from Islay sent me a picture of the islay ready for the big day tomorrow, which I decided to add as a bonus picture for today:

Picture of a hotel decorated with buntings on a rainy October evening

All the best to everyone at the islay, have a great day and bright future! I'm looking forward to seeing it myself in a few weeks and take the pictures for the ‘final’ panoramas in the Islay Hotel Port Ellen Panoramas collection.

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