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Disathairne, 01/Oct/2011

Freedom Flight visits Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Just a few days ago I brought you planespotting at Islay Airport, if you had been at Islay airport in September you could have spotted an unusual plane as I've just found out. I don't know anything about plane controls, but from what I gather it seems to be similar to cars with foot controls/pedals as well as the rudder (i.e. steering wheel in a car). This normally makes it impossible to fly a plane for people who can't use their legs or feet, which is where, similar to cars, hand controls and Freedom in the Air come into play.

To raise awareness about the new control its founder Gautam Lewis from London challenged himself to fly 2,000 miles around the UK. Flying from Cranfield he visited Edinburgh, Blackpool, Lands End and passed many more on the way. And he stopped on Islay to get a bottle of whisky. The two videos below show the flights from Edinburgh to Islay and Islay to Blackpool:

YouTube: Freedom Flight | hand control promo UK tour 2011 | Day 2 of 4 - sector 1

YouTube: Freedom Flight | hand control promo UK tour 2011 | Day 2 of 4 - sector 2

There are also a few blog entries about the flight with more details:

Congratulations to Gautam and his team on the successful journey, looks like you had a great time! Hopefully this entry will help a tiny bit to spread the word. The only question I have (and I hope I didn't miss it somewhere), which Islay whisky did you take home with you?

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