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Didòmhnaich, 02/Oct/2011

the islay Hotel is Open

Islay News in stencil

We interrupt our regular schedule for something more important. This week's Islay blogging roundup will have to wait until tomorrow, as a friend from Islay has just sent me two pictures showing what many people have been waiting for for many years. Those of you who have read the earlier Friday Islay Picture(s) #211 - the islay Hotel 2007 to 2011 entry will of course know what I'm talking about:

Yes, yesterday the rain cleared and Roland, Kathleen and Iain officially opened ‘the islay’ in Port Ellen. To start with there was a ribbon to cut:

Picture of three people cutting the ribbon for a hotel called the islay

Next it was up the Kathleen to call everyone to come in:

Picture of people standing in front of the newly opened the islay hotel, being asked to come in

Congratulations to everyone again, a great moment for Port Ellen and Islay, the islay is open again. I hear it was a great day with a great turnout, visitor impressions of the rooms and decor I've seen were very positive. Many people will want to see it over the coming weeks and months.

The Islay blogging roundup will return tomorrow (who knows, may be even with another blog entry about the islay hotel?), this evening belongs to Kathleen, Roland, Iain and the islay.

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