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Diluain, 10/Oct/2011

More From ‘the islay’ Hotel Opening Day

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Just over a week ago the Islay blogging roundup was pushed out by a day as I had something more important to post, two pictures a friend from Islay had sent me from the opening day of ‘the islay’ hotel. Some people mentioned they would like to see more, well, your wishes come true today. Earlier today I received a few e-mails from Emma with pictures and thoughts about the day. Let's start with the moment the ribbon was cut:

Picture of a man cutting the ribbon opening a hotel called the islay

The large crowd witnessing the event is starting to enter the hotel:

Picture of a large group of people standing outside a hotel being officially opened

Here are some of the memories Emma sent us from the opening day:

The opening day was incredible, it was so lovely to see all the people outside. After the cutting of the tape we handed a drink to everyone as they passed through reception. The Port Ellen Primary school gaelic choir sang for us. Later in the afternoon Ella Edgar's dancers danced for guests. Ciara Mactaggart, Donnie Mackinnon, Clare Jordan and David Adams played twice, afternoon and evening. There was thought to be 500 people there. In the restaurant between 2 - 8pm we sent out 248 meals. The bar closed at 1pm and people stayed outside in the garden until midnight! It was a lovely atmosphere and a very special day for Port Ellen.

Now let's look inside, starting with a view of the bar:

Picture of the bar in the islay hotel

Another view of the bar from a bit further back:

Picture of the bar in the islay hotel from further back

Now let's move over to the restaurant. A special mention for the pictures, you can read some background about their history in Sean O'Leary's Paintings in the Islay Hotel:

Picture of the restaurant of the islay hotel with the first guests in it

Picture of the management team of the islay hotel in Port EllenThat's all I'm going to post today, to finish a picture of the management team, Roland, Kathleen and Emma. Looking very happy on the big day! Congratulations and all the best to everyone at the islay again!

There's still a lot to do at the hotel, among other things the website for the islay is going to be launched. Once that's live I'll post another update.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing it open with my own eyes in two weeks. By mid November I should then be able to complete the Islay Hotel Port Ellen Panoramas collection with the final panorama. As they say, watch this space…

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